Current project: Cardboard city

Cardboard city by C.I.T

ok so didn’t really know what to do for my first post so i’m just going to do about what’s currently on my mind and that is Cardboard! In Illustration we’ve been given a 3 week brief   which involves the creation of a cardboard city and subsequent drawings and work to go along side this. Its actually really good fun and i’m enjoying it, especially the making of the buildings using stanley knives and hot glue guns, I really enjoy this hands on approach to illustration. so over the holidays I made a cardboard house, well more of a crumbling shack and the other day made some characters to go along with it (a hillbilly dad, mum, 10 kids and a shaggy dog!) I havent actually taken any pictures yet so need to do that then will post them asap. But in the mean-time i’ve been researching various cardboard artists on the internet and have actually found loads of amazing things my favourite and probably most relevant is a cardboard city made by ‘ The Cardboard Institute Of Technology’I just think this is incredible, the scale is probably something similar to what our brief is, with an average person being 2″, I like how they’ve used cardboard on the floor but also on te walls to emulate the cardboard city going further off into the distance, although there isn’t any experimentation with different levels, interest is still created through different types of buildings from skyscrapers to shacks and bridges and american style freeways. Also like how they’ve used light in some buildings: I know this is something were going to experiment with later on in the week.

And finally some other cardboard cities and just general cardboard art to keep in mind:

“Abandoned Housing Estate Number N” is a unique miniature city, made entirely from corrugated cardboard.12-cardboard-artists-who-think-outside-the-box/

Ana Serrano very colourful cardboard cities

not quite sure where this image is from something to do with a film called 'The Science of Sleep' its another great idea though making a city out of loo rolls, seems like a fairly easy and quick way to make building, may have to have a go at this one 


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